Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Sunday

Hey all, hope you are enjoying your Sunday!   Its a bright sunny one here, but kind of cold.

This week absolutely flew by.  I'm really busy at work, which is good, and I'm thankful, but some days, all that yellow all over my desk (liability files are yellow in our office), is a 'tad overwhelming.

Today, I'm enjoying a full afternoon of creating (no football today) and am enjoying my  January Cocoa Daisy kit.  So glad I subscribed, to -  I'd been several months without a kit subscription. 

Anyway, excited  to say I made the next round of the layout contest at Practical Scrappers.  We were provided a few photos of quilts for inspo and had to use four (4) of a list of six (6) specific items on the layout.  I went with chipboard, buttons (no surprise there), a tag and ribbon. 

Here's my submission. 

There's lots of inspiration over there again this week.  Check it out.

So, I've already completed one layout today....

and am off to start another!

Enjoy your Sunday.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just For Fun

The other day, as I was going through my stash - at this point I don't even remember what I was originally looking for - and I discovered rubons and stickers from Studio Calico's State Fair Collection.  I had forgotten that I even had it and when I saw it, I loved it all over again. 

So then I thought to, I'm going to do a layout with these and then started going through patterned papers.  I'm one of those scrappers that brings photos to my page instead of doing it the other way.  Anyway,   I found a few options, but then decided I would go with using just the rubons and stickers, not use any patterned paper at all. So thats what I did, with some buttons and trims thrown in, of course!

The page was quick and easy.

So then,  that got me to thinking about using up some other stickers and rubons, so back to my stash I went.   This time, I printed my photo on cardstock and then used lots and lots of stickers from  October Afternoon's Seaside Collection and again, some buttons, clips  and trims.

Effective, quick and fun!  Why not try grabbing a "whole sheet" of something and putting it on a layout?  You'll be glad you did!!

On another note,

photo from

THE PATRIOTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Still sky high about that one!!!

Enjoy your Monday!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just Practical Scrappers

The snow is falling here today and my plan is to stay in my pj's all day and create - pretty happy about that.  We've had a mild winter so far, so its great to see the white stuff falling.  Its what makes it feel like winter I guess.   I met with a new snow plow guy yesterday, so not worried about having to shovel and there are plenty of snacks in the house - let it snow!!

Anyway, there's been a contest going on over at Practical Scrappers (wicked inspiring website) and I decided to give it a go.  

I entered this for the first round

Had a blast folding, stapling and stitching all the paper strips on the left side.  These are awesome double sided papers from the CI Kid Doodle Collection, and I wanted as much of them as possible to jump off the page.  

The contest is currently in the second round.  We were provided two (2) sketches to create by.  I used this,

and ended up with this,

so love the Amy Tan stuff.

There's lots of eye candy over there and voting is now open.  Fifteen (15) will advance to the third round.  If you have the time, stop by and vote.  You will surely find some major inspo while you are there.

I'll be back tomorrow with a fun challenge and thanks for stopping by!!  

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just More Than Thrilled

I woke up early this morning to find a few inches of snow had fallen over night - finally.  Now, at last, it feels like winter.  Looks like another 7" or so are due tomorrow.  Yay!

So then, as usual, I checked my blackberry for emails, only to find this.  

I am completely, totally, positively, just thrilled.

Congrats to everyone, and thank you, Pretty Little Studios.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just Wednesday

and I've been playing with some Amy Tan goodness. 

and digging into my stash. Specifically,  some yumsters from the Studio Calico State Fair Collection.   This one layout set me off in a different direction, with an idea to experiment with......

I'll post the full layouts and as they say, "the rest of the story" toward the end of the week.  

Took the big guy to physical therapy today, too.  So very proud of him, walking like a regular guy already.  Its so nice to see him without a walker or crutches.

Enjoy your night!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just Go Pats and Smooch

Oh, what a football game it was!!!  Yep...........the Patriots took Denver 45-10!  Congrats to them and here's hoping for the AFC win next Sunday - can't wait.  I'm already thinking about which football game snacks I'll be serving!

Photo from

Its wicked cold here this weekend - I think its only 10 outside right now - so I spent some time inside in my footed fleece pj's yesterday afternoon, hanging in my scraproom.......

OK, I'm so thankful for my parents........they've been married for over fifty (50) about relationship inspiration......

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just Happy

I busted into my Santa Sack the other day and had some fun playing with all the different papers,  chipboard bits and stickers.  There was a wicked neat Sketch Thursday sketch on their blog, so I played along.

I mixed some hand stitching with some machine stitching,

and was happy with the end result.

The flower on the bottom is paper with diamond glaze, the other, chipboard.

Well, we are super excited here in New England for the Patriots game tonight!    Here's hoping Brady and the guys end up with a "W"!

Have a happy Saturday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just 2012!

Hello and Happy 2012!  Four weeks since my last post.....yikes!  Lots going on though - the big guy had a total knee replacement smack, dab in the middle of December, on the 13th actually - to say it was bad timing is an we are anew in January. 
We enjoyed the holidays, despite his incapacity, but I must say, I'm glad he is almost a month into the mend now, and things are slowly creeping back to normal.  Very slowly.....

And there went a month pretty much!  Between playing nurse, shopping for gifts, working and the other everyday things that come up, I've found little time to scrap,  but did find some........and oh....did you get a Santa Sack from October Afternoon?  LOVED IT!! I only got the last one, but next year,   I want all five! 

As to the December Daily - I'm only up to the 18th, but I'm getting there...and none of the journaling is done.  I think I'm going to type it all up and then cut little strips.....

A trip to Macy's,

Fun T-shirt I bought at Wal-Mart,

A lazy day, all day,

Another Creative Imaginations project, among a couple of others I'll post very soon.

Thanks to them and their amazing Design Team Coordinator, Cheryl Mezzitti.  I had a blast working with their products.

If you are scrapping today, check out this fun challenge at Cocoa Daisy. This was wicked fun. I'm doing a second layout with it.

The weather has been unusally warm here.  Yesterday, in the 60's!  I met a friend for breakfast, and then spent a good chunck of the afternoon with my nose in a book.  I've been plowing through this,

If you like this sort of thing, don't miss this.  It will make the hairs on your neck stand up......

Read John Grisham's new one, The Litagors,  in December, too. Another good read by JG.

OK, I'm off for now.  Going to grab a coat, the big guy and his crutches and go for yet another walk up and down the driveway!!!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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