Monday, October 31, 2011

Just Happy Halloween!!!

                                   Paulette Goddard

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just October

Well, a month since I've blogged.  The short version  -among a few other things,  the big guy had yet another heart event and was hospitalized and our family suffered a tragic loss with the sudden death of my 34 year old cousin.  Please say a prayer for Stephen - drug addition is a cruel thing.

I'm convinced that every once in a while, a particular month presents challenges one right after the other - October was like that.  But, all one can do is have faith - I am though, glad this month is coming to a close.

We were fortunate though, to be able to get away for a bit,  take some time, and try to relax and refresh. ........

I finally managed to start doing some Halloween decorating around the house  when we get home.  Gotta love Martha - I had picked up these cool bottle labels last month from her tons of Halloween craft items.  What a quick, simple,  fun way to create that spooky spirit.  I saved a couple of wine bottles and an olive oil bottle, washed them out and reapplied Martha's labels.  I refilled the bottles with water and added some food coloring.   The end result?   I love my tray of creepy potions in the kitchen!

I've not scrapped for quite some time - since my last Magpie kit, actually.  I am starting to miss it a bit, and am off today, so here's hoping!  I've an Amy Tan class that I totally missed!

Enjoy your Wednesday.  Happy to see you again.


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