Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just 2012!

Hello and Happy 2012!  Four weeks since my last post.....yikes!  Lots going on though - the big guy had a total knee replacement smack, dab in the middle of December, on the 13th actually - to say it was bad timing is an we are anew in January. 
We enjoyed the holidays, despite his incapacity, but I must say, I'm glad he is almost a month into the mend now, and things are slowly creeping back to normal.  Very slowly.....

And there went a month pretty much!  Between playing nurse, shopping for gifts, working and the other everyday things that come up, I've found little time to scrap,  but did find some........and oh....did you get a Santa Sack from October Afternoon?  LOVED IT!! I only got the last one, but next year,   I want all five! 

As to the December Daily - I'm only up to the 18th, but I'm getting there...and none of the journaling is done.  I think I'm going to type it all up and then cut little strips.....

A trip to Macy's,

Fun T-shirt I bought at Wal-Mart,

A lazy day, all day,

Another Creative Imaginations project, among a couple of others I'll post very soon.

Thanks to them and their amazing Design Team Coordinator, Cheryl Mezzitti.  I had a blast working with their products.

If you are scrapping today, check out this fun challenge at Cocoa Daisy. This was wicked fun. I'm doing a second layout with it.

The weather has been unusally warm here.  Yesterday, in the 60's!  I met a friend for breakfast, and then spent a good chunck of the afternoon with my nose in a book.  I've been plowing through this,

If you like this sort of thing, don't miss this.  It will make the hairs on your neck stand up......

Read John Grisham's new one, The Litagors,  in December, too. Another good read by JG.

OK, I'm off for now.  Going to grab a coat, the big guy and his crutches and go for yet another walk up and down the driveway!!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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