Friday, March 26, 2010

Just Five Friday Faves

Good Friday night all!  Hope its warmer where you are than where I am.........its WICKED cold outside!!  We even had a little bit of snow this morning.  Where is spring any way?!!!

So,  these were my five faves this week.

I'm an ex-diet coke addict.  I still drink it once in a while, but only if nothing else is available.  When I was poking around the Wrentham Outlets the other day I got thirsty and discovered this.  I'd never seen one of these before, and chocolate milk is better than soda, right?

This Dooney & Bourke for the summer.

I think once I tell the big guy I found it for free shipping, he'll be all right with it.  Will let you know  on that.  Either way, its a fave.

This is too funny! 

Can't get enough of this Stampin Up' border punch,

used here, on the outside edges of the banner.


And Friday fave number five.  Clarin's Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.  It rocks.
Enjoy your weekend!


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