Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Love

I'm jumping on for another Magpie peek and then I'm off to pick up some hurricane supplies.......they've just officially changed us from watch to warning, so I'm thinking I'll pay attention, and better be safe than sorry.  Really though, this was in the mail box today, so I'm thinking its all I really need to keep myself occupied as Irene makes her way through.......

A huge thank you to Amy Tan and American Crafts.  Can I just say L.O.V.E.!!!!!  

And here's that Magpie peek.  Again, I say LOVE!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday by the pool was a blast.  We had pizza, played silly games in the water and with some mod podge, scrapbook paper and lots of embellishments, altered frames.  There were also a few water cameras involved.........

Man I love those two little people

OK,  another Magpie peek.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Summer

Well, here I am two (2) weeks later.  I've been embracing these last few weeks of summertime,  just noodling around, getting nothing much else done in the process, including blogging.  When I'm not at work, I'm at the pool.  When I'm not at the pool, I'm sitting outside reading - you get the picture..   I must admit,  there's  a tiny part of me thats ready for fall........ ready for all of those indoor activities, like maybe spending a day in my jammies and playing with paper and glue all day.   Pretty soon, right......

Next week, I'm off with a girlfriend for a mini end-of-summer getaway on the Cape.......we'll be on the beach, staying here......sooooooo circa 1960,s...... I love it.

I hope Irene doesn't dampen our beach plans.

We did manage to get to a  fun birthday party, with cool flip flop cupcakes a couple of weeks ago.

And, speaking of summer...............a peek of a layout from the next Magpie kit.

I'm off for yet another day of summer fun with the two little by the pool.  I'll be back tomorrow with another peek.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Monday Miscellaneous

Well, when I got to the pool on Friday, this was waiting for me,

Gotta love my dad!!  

Did only a little bit of damage at the outlets on Saturday, and none of it was at Calvin Klein.  There were some amazing sales -  Ralph Lauren was 30% off the entire store, but there was a line waiting to get in so I passed on that. Same thing at Coach.   I  did, though, snag two cute t-shirts at Talbots and two pair of shorts, five shirts and a cool, sleeveless cotton sweater at Eddie Bauer, so I was all set.  

And then I headed off to the pool.  And used my new chair.

Yesterday was one of those stay at home  in your jammies kind of days.  I got lots of photos printed out and started scrapping a mini book and a layout.  Hoping to finish those projects over the next week.  Back to work again tomorrow.

Here's another Magpie layout.  I used both my 14mm and 20mm  Epiphany Button Tools on this one - fun for button lovers for sure.  And there is that stamp again!!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hey all and happy Saturday.  Any fun weekend plans?  Its actually a long weekend for me - I have Monday off as well.  The forecast calls for clouds and rain, so I'm  hoping to get a chunk of crafty time in at some point.  I've been dying to dive into last month's  Magpie Club Bits and Bobs kit.  Totall all over some Miami photos and these little bits.

This morning I'm heading to Wrentham for a little retail therapy.  I'm in the mood for Calvin Klein.

Anyway,  I've another layout for you today and I'm hoping you grabbed one of the August Magpie kits - I believe they are sold out.  If you missed it, better sign up for a subscription to start next month - certainly the September kit will be just as fabulous.

COMPLETELY LOVED the lluggage tag and map here. There was  a Pink Paislee Pixie Stix in the kit, and I used it on the river in the map.

Always fun to stich on the photo. 

And the usual layering of bits.

I think this one was my favorite this month.

And now, I'm off to shop.  Enjoy your weekend. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just San Francisco

Hey all on the first Wednesday of August.  Hope you enjoyed.  It was a picture perfect day here today.  And you know, I wish I had my camera with me at the pool today. I believe my parents are still rolling around laughing at the vision of me exiting the pool, wrapping my towel around myself, sitting on my chair and suddenly, without warning,  the bottom canvas completely  tore away from the side bar and on to the deck  I went. Splat.   I guess I need a new chair now.........and maybe a new diet!!

So anyway, as promised, another August Magpie layout.

On this one, I cut one of the luggage tags and post cards, stamped them with the terrific TT stamp in this month's kit, and stapled them on the side of the layout.

I cut up and layered lots of bits and pieces under the wallet sized photo and, for the bottom of the photo, cut out the city scape of the Hambly paper and slid the bottom part of the photo behind it.

I added in some buttons and a couple of stickers.

And then I was done.

Have a great rest of the day. .

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just August Magpie

Hello on a Tuesday.  Its been a hot one here, and as I sit and type this, I'm thrilled to see that it just started raining, so hopefully, it will be a cool night.  Haven't had one of those in some time now.

So, how fun, the August Magpie kits have gone live and are ready for purchase.  The kit has some Hambly, new WeR "travel light" papers, embellies and stickers, really neat postcards, maps and well, lots of really cool stuff for all of those vacation photos.

The big guy and I spent a week in  Las Vegas on our honeymoon and then took a road trip from there to  Sedona, AZ for the second week.   I can't believe that was a little over seven years ago now, and I can't believe it took me that long to get  the perfect paper  to scrap a particular  Sedona photo, but this kit.............yeah.........there was that perfect paper, right in front of me. 

The paper has a cool postage stamp edge and the top has cut out spots, so I wove some other papers and some twine through the cuts.

There was a neat, stamped shipping tag in the kit.  I used a water pen and some blue ink to color in the letters.

And, to keep with the columns printed on the paper, I chopped my photo into thirds (I know, right, seven years to get it scrapped then I cut it up!).  I also cut one of the other tags in the kit to use as a large photo corner.

And here's the end result.

I'll post another layout tomorrow.  For now, I'm going to go just sit and listen to the rain..............


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