Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a OLW blog hop!!

Happy Tuesday everyone. Its a great day for a OLW blog hop!  Its snowing like MAD here - our total snow for January is about 60" or so.  There's another 12" the way, falling as I type this post. 

Anyway, my word?




1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. good fortune; luck: the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for.

So, absolutely, serendipity is my word.  I'm trying to own it, I'm enjoying it, I'm going to keep it with me for the next eleven months.

I really gave a lot of thought to the word I wanted to follow me through the year.  I wanted a positive word, one that was fun too, and one that "felt" like my life at times.  In the end, serendipity was it. 

Funny too, it REALLY has been keeping me company.   Seems like every few days, something happens that causes me to say to the big guy "It's serendipity!!!"  A couple of weeks ago,  I finally decided to bring up the rest of my rubber stamps and inks from the basement into my scrap room.   As I was going through my stamps, I discovered this one, which I TOTALLY forgot I even had.........

By chance, this stamp once belonged to the one and only Mr. Holtz!  Six or so years ago, while attending my first CHA , I was not only lucky enough to meet him, but he was giving away some of his stamps at the end of the day!  I got this one!  Cool, isn't it? 

And here's a look in my book......

The title page.........

A full page of smaller "pieces" of my word ...........

I also created an envelope for stashing ticket stubs, little notes about my word, etc.

Alrighty then!  Time to "hop" around for more One Little Word Inspiration!!!  Head on over to Abbey's blog to continue with the fun (all go live at 11:00 AM EST).

And if you unexpectedly discover something along the way that distracts you........

3) Monica http://scraplifters.blogspot.com  
15) Relly http://rel.ly
32) Margaret http://www.gutsymom.blogspot.com
33) Sharyn            http://www.analteredlife.com

Why not join Ali's class?  You can still sign up at BPS

Have  fun!  And thank you for stopping by.


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