Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just some cheery

Hello all and hope you are enjoying this sunny Thursday. I've had a crazy busy week at work - one of my new cases that I spent most of  my time on was a double fatality - sad stuff  at work sometimes   - police reports, autopsy photos - but I've gotten used to it.  Kind of.  When it really gets to me, like this week,  I tend to go for the cheery in my off hours.

Retail therapy works - I think I've mentioned my mascara addiction before.  Here, Lancome Hypnose Drama in black.  LOVE

I know, I know.........way too much talk about the royals lately, but  I picked this up,

Summer and wedge sandals.......a match made in heaven!  The Jessica Gabbie Wedge Sandal has found its way to my closet!

Loved finding this in the mail box,

And more cute little flowers in the yard, do you know what these are?

Sorry I haven't posted my Magpie Club sneaks yet, but they are coming soon! 

And now, for the first time this week, I'm off to do a little bit of creating. 

And tell your guys and dolls you love them.  Life is fragile and can be gone in an instant.


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