Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Spring on the Way

Its been pretty cold here - too cold for late March - like still in the 30's and a "snowy mix" is predicted for Friday.  Winter has grabbed on and just won't let go, or so it seems anyway.  But, when I was poking around the yard on Saturday,  I was thrilled to discover a little spring color.....Its fun too, because I have no idea whats going to pop up or where things may be - we moved in in late June so its our first "spring" in the house - just have to ignore that I need a coat, hat, gloves and boots to navigate around and discover!!

These are near the mail box,

These in the back, near the garage,

And these, in the back, below our bedroom window.

I'm really not sure what they all are, but they are just enough to keep the faith that spring is really on its way!

And now, I'm off to meet a friend for breakfast, get a hair cut, head to the gym and then come home and spend the rest of the day creating.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Tuesday!!


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