Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just the Fifties

I  adore all things of the 50's, and bring it into the house whenever and wherever I can.

And I love the television shows.......... The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, Leave It To Beaver.....................

It looks like the 50's were fun times, simple, and genuine.  I love what the generation represents..

So, moivng on,

I have a Cricut, the smaller, older one. Its actually a replacement one (lets just say its a UPS story............and I ended up with a new one) for the first one I had and it ihas been sitting brand new, unopened in its box for quite some time now. I had been thinking about trying to sell it and maybe get a Silhoutte but, yesterday, I saw this, and all ideas of selling it went out the window.

I just HAD to have it.

LOVE the car (we have a phone like it, only blue), the coke bottle, the Route 66 sign!!   The font looks pretty cool too.   It all just looks so fun!!

And I have a few ideas about what I'd like to do with some of these images, and can't wait to play with this on my day off Tuesday.  Stay tuned!!


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