Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Home

Boy, did we have a lazy weekend was pouring rain and wicked windy outside, so we stayed home, inside,  warm and dry.  I spent a nice chunk of time creating on Saturday.

I was feeling the cards and played with those little house stamps,

I was feeling red velvet cup cakes, too.  And even though I had the new Pillsbury spray on frosting, it didn't work out well at all - won't go any futher than that, other than lesson learned:  buy  cupcakes.

And yesterday, we had our own private Law and Order marathon (gotta love the dvr) and caught up on the Damages to date. I don't know how they do it season after season.

Check this out.

We ate too much, napped and then napped some more! Why is it that naps are better on rainy days anyway?

And today, it rained all day.  Again.  I played with some Cosmo Joy Ride - the Mini Deck, stickers and buttons.  Such a fun line!

I created the purple scallop border with a corner rounder.  Its a cool way to get an uneven scallop. 

And can you STAND those letter stickers?!!!!  Arctic Frog, Alphabet Avenue........circa what? 2005!!! Man I hoard some things!

Will share the second layout tomorrow. 

Happy Monday!


Lara said...

Wow Donna - I love your scrapbooking style! Great page :)

Lulu said...

Psst.. Did you see the Cosmo Blog today? :)


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