Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Six Saturday Randoms

1.  I love, love my new Epiphany button maker!

2.  I'm so glad I signed up for Kelley Purkey's Sketchbook 3

3.   This was a really fun one with the two little ones last night.

4.  Still organizing.  I'm going to use this big white binder and fun circle divider sheet set to keep all of my dowloaded and printed on-line classes in. 

5.  There are still things popping up in the yard that I can't identify

     Although, I know these are daffodils.

6.  My favorite photo of the week - such a pretty pony tail.

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

the challenge is on, chica.. I made it official on the forum! heeehee... love that layout from KP's class!

jamie long said...

great page donna, Im still pondering that button maker.


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