Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just ten or so days later,

and finally, I'm coughing less, sleeping less, blowing my nose less and no more body aches - that flu really kicked me in the behind.  Its been slow getting up off the sofa........

But I'm up.  I started my new job on Thursday last week (totally love it) and am able to stay awake long enough for some creating and other life things.

I had been itching to get into that Jenni Bowlin kit and finally got to it.  I loved the red, black and cream papers, the lace, the felt, the black vintage buttons, just all of it.  I may need to get that yummy box every month as a happy 2011 present to myself!

I've also started to do a little holiday decorating around the house.  Still a ways to go, but I'll get there...

Got these cool berries on the mantel.

And hung a pretty wreath on the door.  The big guy picked up the plain wreath for me last Sunday at Loews and I simply added a flower cut from a Christmas stem and hung it from the top of the door with gold sparkly ribbon.

I've got a table centerpiece project in the works.  As soon as I get more cardstock (tomorrow  on my lunch hour)  I'm hoping to finish this up.  Here's a peek,

So much bling!!!  Gotta love Martha  - this project is in this month's Living with several other festive ones.   Martha's  website is full of ideas as well. 

And oh!  Don't forget, its Sunday.  And Sunday means............

And now I'm off to watch yet another sappy Hallmark movie!!

Have a great day!!

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Susan Coish said...

What a beautiful LO! I love the design and your use of negative space!!


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