Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just Shopping

My cousin is up from Florida this week, so we've been doing the shopping and out to lunch thing for the past two days (hey, there she is!! In the photo in my previous post!!).  Between the two of us, we've done same damage, especially given that our day doesn't start until I get out of work at 1:00.  I ended up landing a couple of sweaters (well, three), a really cool suit (I love those long, long jackets) and a fun black, purple and ivory scarf.

These Franco Sarto's,

a  fun new handbag with vintage mickey and minne on it

and in my never-ending quest to find the best volumizing mascara in the universe (what girl doesn't have her own, private mascara wars, right?), I picked up one of these


and one of these

Not sure that I'll love either as much as I do Prescriptives Lash Envy or Arbonne Triple Action, but we'll see..........

I did start playing with a layout on Monday, but haven't quite finished it up yet.  Hoping to get to that tomorrow!

All in all,  these shopping trips have proven to  be a great practice run for Christmas!!! 

Enjoy the night! 


Amy Coose said...

Cute shoes! I struggle with the mascara wars, too. I have yet to find one I just love. I guess I'll keep trying!

lisa truesdell said...

love your shopping list - looks like you've had fun!


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