Friday, March 19, 2010

Just Friday

Its Friday again!  Jumping on to list the faves for the week and then I'm off to enjoy this beautiful, sunny,  sixty-somethin' degree day.

But, before I get to the faves, the good news is I'm free of that big, heavy, cumbersome knee brace.   I'm starting physical therapy on Tuesday which I'm thrilled about - shouldn't be too long getting back to the gym afer that.  I have a new brace that I have to wear for the next three weeks, but its lighter and less cumbersome.  Still got hinges on the sides, but it doesn't click when I walk, so I'm not complaining!

So anyway, first, my new Calphalon grill pan........I  did up some shrimp on it this week.  It rocks.  I love the little grill lines it leaves...

This bright, flowery, Dear Lizzy scrapbook paper

I used a few micro beads in their centers.

The rub ons are cool too.  Haven't used them next, but I'm sure it won't be too long before I do.

With spring just about here, I'm thinking mani and pedi, and loving the new Opi nail colors. How awesome is this!!

"In my back pocket",

And for  dark chocolate and coconut fans , GET THESE before they are gone!! These were the big guy's discovery! 
I'm completely hooked on American Idol, so, since we're speaking of faves, and last up, 

Enjoy your Friday!!!

1 comment:

*reyanna klein* said...

Yay for your knee getting better! I'm glad you've "graduated" to a new brace. You're on the mend! :-D

What a fun list! Cute layout! I also LOVE that Dear Lizzy paper.

I SO need to paint my toenails right now. I was wearing flip-flops the other day, and that made me think of it. Thanks for the reminder! ;-)

I'll have to get some of those eggs too! Yummy. :-)


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