Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Friday Faves

Happy Friday all! 

OK, I had the most wonderful birthday yesterday, and, because it was my birthday,  I indulged in things I otherwise wouldn't, like ice cream,  my first fave of the week is just cream.

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream that is, the best kind of ice cream.  But my new fave flavor?

Peanut Butter Cup Perfection rocks!

Now, when I broke the laptop a while back, it looked pretty hopeless that we'd ever be able to recover anything that was on it - no power source, no info, right?  Wrong, enter
this 3" x 6" piece of pure techie genius..........

the Rocketfish hardrive enclosure kit.  Once I got over the fear of unscrewing and unplugging  things from the laptop, all was well.  I removed the hard drive from it  and then simply installed the laptop hard drive into this little red case, screwed it back together, and powered it up via USB in my desktop computer.  Voila!  Hello laptop recovery!  LOVE IT!!!

The next two faves go to scrappy goodness.............

This Stampin Up Stamp set.........

I've started a project with these that I hope to finish over the weekend or early next week.

Then come the Cosmo Joyride goodies............papers, chipboard, buttons and more.!  Can't wait to play with them!

And lastly, this sign that I snapped a photo of yesterday.

I haven't won the car yet, but I sure had some excellent luck at the 5 cent slot machine!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

That ice cream sounds so yummy and those CC chip images are too cute!


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