Monday, March 1, 2010

Just Brady

Wow, I can't believe how time slipped by me last week - long time no blogging!!   Certainly, I know I spent most of Thursday pouting because I didn't like what the orthopedist told me  - three more weeks of the knee brace........arrghh......... its cumbersome, awkward and ugly, and, as much as I've tried - and its been four weeks at least -  I just can't get used to it.   And it clicks when I walk, so I sound like a matchbox car when I move around.   He did want to give me three cortisone injections to at least  help with the pain, but, I passed on that........I'd rather walk barefoot and naked over hot coals than have a needle in the same room with me, let alone three in my knee.  So,  I'll continue to deal with the brace and take my super-strength ibuprofen four times a day.  And I'm not pouting could be worse, right? 

Anyway, it was a quiet weekend, and we didn't do much but go to a birthday party yesterday - I'm still laughing as I think of it.

This is Brady, and yesterday was his birthday.  The big guy and I were asked to join the party, and I'm so glad we did!! 

Can't STAND how funny this was.............

there were balloons...

and cake.....

and presents that he opened himself.

Note:  the horse balloon didn't last long!  That would be it on the floor.................with the presents.

Too, too  funny!  So Happy Birthday Brady! 

In scrappy stuff, I wasn't able to get too much creative time in last week, but I do have some peeks from the little bit of time I grabbed.  First, one more from my RAH March design team projects using Pink Paislee's Cupid.  Watch for full reveal of these on the RAH blog around Thursday or so.

And here's another.......a cool new something your sure to love starting up on the RAH blog REALLY soon.   Here's mine. 

And thanks for all of your fun comments and well wishes on the that!!!

Thats it for now!  I'm going to "click, click, click" my way back  into my scraproom, prop my knee up on a chair, and get to some Monday creating!!!!

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